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School Rules

  • Arrival time - Please be on time. The whole of class, including warming up, is important, and late arrival is disruptive for other students.
  • Studio doors will be closed 5 minutes after the stipulated class time. Please do not knock the door, wait until teachers open for latecomers after a suitable break.
  • Dress code:
    • GIRLS: black tights or black cotton pants, with white or semi yellow churidaar, cotton dupatta. Pin the duppatta with safety pins.
    • BOYS: White kurta or T-shirt, black pants with a cotton dupatta for the waist, ankle bells.

  • Every last week of the month, all students must bring Ankle Bells( ghungroos) for the classes.

  • Hair - Neat and off the face, with all hair neatly contained. Use hair spray and bobby pins as necessary. Do tie your hair before you come inside the class.
  • No jewelry, except for non-dangling earrings.
  • In class behavior:
    • Address your teacher as - "Guruji"
    • Say "Namasthe" where ever you see your teacher
    • Pay attention to teachers instruction
    • Please use the restroom before or after, no excuses please.
    • Tie dupattas (Waist Bands) and ghungroos (ankle bells)
    • No talking in the class
    • Start stretching as soon as you arrive
  • Fees are paid per semester. A late fee is imposed for those who are not on time.
  • Dance Dictionary - All serious students should have a copy of Soorya's Dance Manual and Dictionary of Bharathantyam & Kathak. It is an standard for classical dancers to know terminology and definitions. We encourage the students to tape record the sessions the last week of every month.
  • Parking - Please park the cars in the parking lot or on the street adhering to the county rules. When you come to Guruji's house for special pooja, please park on the side of the street not in the drive way.
  • Observation week - Second week of the month. Seating is limited, and all observers must be able to sit still for the duration of class. If you or your child needs to move around while watching, please wait until the music stops to do so.
  • Dance students are required to participate in school annual shows and atleast two outside performances. Performance is part of learning.
  • One parent - either mother or father is allowed to learn free for first 6 months to help the child. If the parent wishes to continue, they may do so at a discounted fee.

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