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Program Infrormation

Artist Information:

Guru Prasanna Kasthuri
Pooma Prajna and Siva
Surabhi Bharadwaj
Guru Prachi Dixit
Jinoo Vargheese Studio
Shakti Dance Company
Rathna Kumar and Company


Past Events

Upcoming Events

Soorya Dance and Music School invites new students to join the new batches forming currently. Soorya Dance and Music School is headed by Guru Prasanna Kasthuri and Guru Seema Murthy Kasthuri in St. Louis, MO. Guru Sushma Mohan heads the dance and music lessons in Woodland Hills, California. These studies are open for all ages, sex and nationality. This is a very divine, elevating experience of all the art forms.

Join our Annual new batches for

Bharathanatyam Dance Classes

Kathak Dance Classes

Carnatic Music Classes


St. Louis, MO


Woodland hills, California


Contact - 314-397-5278 / 314-359-9741 (STL, MO)

818-730-0371 (woodland Hills, CA)

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