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Soorya Performing Arts

Soorya Performing Arts

invites all Indian dance patrons


The first Kathak Arangetram with live music

of St. Louis city


Ms. Samanvita Kasthuri

Samanvita Kathak

Disciple of Guru Prasanna Kasthuri


on July 9th - 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Lafayette High School Auditorium, Wildwood, Missouri


Accompanied by

Guru Dyuti Kharod - Vocal

Ms. Divya Khadelkar - Vocal

Guru Prasanna Kasthuri - Vocal and Bol

Ustad Naren Budhakar - Tabla

Mr. Indro Roy Chowdhary - Sitar

Vikar Falnekar - Harmonium 

Chethan Ananth - Hindustani Flute


This is a private event, but we welcome anyone who is interested to witness this historic grand dance debut of St. Louis region.


Please send an email to get an invitation at

Soorya Performing Arts is a non-profit organization whose role and responsibility is to coordinate and support the growth and development of Indian art forms such as classical dance, music and theater in greater St. Louis area. Its main aim is to make ancient art forms from India more enjoyable to American populace.

To make it happen, it is building up artistic infrastructure for the Indian immigrants of USA, so they can retain their roots, while embracing the American values who made this country as their own. It provides support for learning facilities. It organizes events such as International dance and music festival throughout the year.

Soorya Performing Arts organizes American Natya Festival and St. Louis Indian Music Festival. It also supports theater activity by organizing Bi-Annual Drama festival - called - NAATAKA Festivals. To support Young artists, it organizes Soorya Young Series. All these works are possible with volunteering works of many people, support from different organizations. Join us.

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Soorya Performing Arts is a not for profit organization established in 2002 to promote classical dance, music and theater from India. Its main objective to create a space and resource - to understand, learn and enjoy the ancient performing arts
 from India. To make this happen, we seek help from different sources, apart from our own selfless volunteering. This selfless volunteering makes

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